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Before I could write this segment, I had to purge my life of books and tapes and other things that stood for beliefs that no longer serve me. I no longer need to be taught or to teach things like “25 secrets to answered prayer”, “7 secrets of prosperity”, “The Gospel Way to Abundance”, “The Secret To Victorious Life”. Jesus taught us simply and clearly in “The Sermon On the Mount”….seek first the Kingdom of God and all these things shall follow after you…When you leave your nets to follow Him and truly put seeking the Kingdom in first place in your life…asking nothing…you will be taken care of. Joel Goldsmith says it’s like joining the military. From day #1 you, your family, your housing, your food, and your healthcare, are provided for. We don’t need a seminar or a book to tell us how to achieve them.

The presence I encounter is very real. It envelopes me…it comforts me. I find it most often in “The Silence”, but I’m aware that its always with me. I ask it for nothing …and I lack for nothing. I’m reluctant to call it God because the word God conjures up things in which I no longer believe. I like Goldsmith’s term “Infinite Invisible” or Andrew Greeley’s “Something Else Altogether”….I’ll probably stick to “the presence” for now. The presence and I are not wholly One yet…(we are, but have not yet manifest in my reality as one, yet)…our relationship is one of warmth, love, comfort, ease. This presence covers me in love…gives me wisdom when I need it. I welcome it’s company. Eventually we will manifest as One…and I will become complete. Until then I will cherish our visits…our time in the silence. This is what the Divine is to me…today’s version, at least.


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